About Us

Shar Michele is the woman behind Dorothy’s Pearl, a registered fashion brand for the busy mom, wife, and/or auntie. The name Dorothy’s Pearl comes from Shar’s grandmother. Who although is no longer with us, was a pivotal inspiration in her life. The name Dorothy also belongs to Shar’s children God Mother who continues to be supportive and encouraging in both her and her children’s lives.

As a mom, wife, and auntie herself, Shar understands the necessity of having the right look for all occasions. Rather it’s out shopping with the children, date night with the husband, or out handling business for the nieces and nephews. Dorothy’s Pearl has the bag, lash, and eye wear for the moment. Plus, a tee for the party.

A pearl is anything of great rarity and worth. And we want every woman to know that she is priceless and that anything she purchases from Dorothy’s Pearl is unique. That’s why we don’t mass produce any of our items. We only do a small quantity of all our bags lashes and eye wear. And once they are gone, we don’t reproduce them. So, each time you purchase from Dorothy’s Pearl you know that you’re not following a trend but creating it.

Our slogan “In a sea of ordinary, be a PEARL” is for all our rare priceless clientele. Because you are the pure definition of Pearl.

Besides small production the other thing that sets Dorothy’s Pearl apart from other businesses is that we are a mobile lifestyle brand. Rolling through the streets of Metro Detroit since 2017.

Shar Michele’s ultimate goal is to utilize her brand and revenue to raise awareness to various causes.

But her overall mission to to raise awareness in minority communities for bone marrow donors to improve the chances of life saving matches for people of all ethnicities.                                             

Thanks for taking the time to read our bio. Remember you are unique, you are rare, YOU ARE A PEARL!!!